History of the Realm

The Kingdom of Sommerlund was forged in the fires of the War of Vashna over four centuries ago from the lands between Durnkrag Mountains in the West and the edges of the Kaltesea in the East. It was originally inhabited by Kalts, Human tribes along the coast with overflow from the nearby homelands of Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings. In the decade prior to the rise of the Hordes of Vashna these ancient homelands were wracked by the Three Dooms.

The Three Dooms

East of the Durnkrag mountains the ancient elfhames were reduced to an ashes, volcanic waste by the Enshel’Va – a comet wreathed in unnatural fire. Even the Gray Elf cities within the feywild were reduced to nothing but a scar. Only the pioneers and ambassadors abroad survived the Nights of Dark Fire to carry on a remnant of their civilization.

In the south half of the ancient Dwarven metropolis of Kazhad was consumed in a tectonic rent. The very mountains in which the hallowed halls were carved crumbled into a seemingly bottomless chasm. But the greatest threat was what emerged from those depths. The inescapable shadow of the Stalking Death emerged to render the ruins of Kazhad and its connected communities into a vast necropolis.

The creation of Maaken’s Gorge didn’t just consume Kazhad. It also devoured the source of the Shirewine River and created a massive shift in the flow of groundwater in the Shiredales. Within a few short years the green lands of the Halfling folk were in permanent decline and its inhabitants were forced to abandon the dust that was once their farms and gardens in a desperate struggle with starvation.

Vashna’s War

History of the Realm

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